Quality and Professional Private Investigative Services

Surveillance is the core of any investigation into a person’s activities, providing the best source of the information needed to make an informed decision on how to proceed.  Nothing beats having clear video and photos of the claimant doing things they claim to be unable to do, or of a cheating spouse, especially when shown to a jury.  At NextGen  our team of investigators are among the best at obtaining this video without being observed, and are all equipped with the latest digital equipment, including miniature “covert” cameras for obtaining video inside of buildings (shopping, working, drinking, etc.). All of our vehicles are equipped for long term “stakeouts” in even the most extreme conditions,  our investigators are experts in mobile surveillance (tailing), and each is equipped for the ultimate (and most dangerous) surveillance position,  the woods. It is not uncommon for our team to don camouflage gear and spend the day, or night, hiding in a patch of brush in order to obtain the needed video.

We are concerned with filling all of our clients’ needs so we include daily updates enabling you to adjust your strategy to achieve maximum results.  You will receive video and a detailed comprehensive report.  Surveillance is available for

  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Auto Injury Liability Claims
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Employee Theft

just to name a few.  Call for a free consultation.

NextGen your surveillance specialists.