Background Investigations

Background Investigation / Pre-employment Background Checks

A background check can include, a criminal background check, lawsuits, property records, liens, current and previous address history, driving records, as well as other information depending on the scope of the background you need. In the case of pre-employment verification credit checks are often warranted.

In the pre-employment screening background checks can be valuable to confirm information given on the application or resume. They also can be used to determine character and potential hiring risks as a measure to keep the workplace safe. The background check can also help differentiate applicants and ensure the best suited gets the position.

For the insurance industry background investigations work “hand in hand” with surveillance in that background investigations frequently turn up valuable information concerning the claimant’s previous criminal activities and lawsuits, sometimes for the same injury!  A thorough background investigation in the claimant’s home and surrounding Parishes is a good step in any defense against a possibly fraudulent claim. 

We provide background checks for a variety of needs. Call our office to see how we can help you with your background investigation needs.